About us

With 3 generation of experience in uniquely original hand craft art, we are serving across the world.

We constantly scour old art for something unique and in some instances quirky but always stunningly impressive. All of our artwork is selected with the prime objective to bring an air off elegance to the home or workplace.
The handcrafted furniture industry has evolved over time and, although still labor intensive, now offers the latest styles, modern processes and fast lead times. Combining this with its attention to design and unique supply chain, we wants to make a unique selection of designer furniture available worldwide that is fully customizable and truly affordable.

Ancient Art in Modern Design

All Premium Handcraft work are produced by Highly Experienced Artiest. Which required intensive labor work with high precision. We produce all modern furniture like Bedside, Dresser, Chest of Drawer, Desk, Buffet etc.

Handmade Products

All of our products are handmade by our artiest. From the moment we receive your order extreme care is taken in producing the highest quality product and ensuring a speedy pack and dispatch; attention to detail being one of our watchwords.

Ecologically Conscious

We are conscious of our environmental footprint

  • We are PEFC® Certified in Wood Procurement
  • All material is sourced ethically
  • We recycle as much materials as possible



Order Process:

Step-1: Customer select the product and place the order.

Step-2: We sent a confirmation email to customer including all product details and time line. (Note: For customization request, customer provide all necessary requirement and we prepare the design docs and customization document and share to customer)

Step-3: After confirmation we start manufacturing the product. Which takes 4-5 weeks normally.

Step-4: Share finish product images and Video to customer for confirmation.

Step-5: After Confirmation, we dispatch the product via DHL express. Within 7 days you will receive the product at your door step.

Note: Your product is secure with insurance and come in a heavy ply board packing.


Tailored for you

There are countless elements that make you, uniquely you. And we love helping you express your identity through our highly customizable collection. Not just artwork, we can change the size, configuration, colors, and materials of nearly every design.

It’s all about helping you create a truly personal home that matches your style, budget, and the way you live.

It’s a traditional Indian design concept to make bespoke storage units, custom coffee tables, and your personal furniture solutions possible.


Make it yours

With Boneinlay Furnitures, you’re not just buying off-the-shelf furniture. Here, you get a chance to make it fit your taste and your lifestyle. Here is how you can get started on your own interior solutions, whether it’s choosing a new storage unit or creating a new bed.

The collection offers a range of designs, some of which may perfectly match your preferences, while others may not be an exact fit. However, there's a whole array of unseen possibilities available. Custom furniture, available in various beautiful colors, can be tailored to suit your specific needs and tastes.

Every piece is thoughtfully designed and crafted with a focus on quality, functionality, and detail. Follow these steps to begin crafting your own interior solution, whether it's a custom sofa, personalized chair, bespoke table, or an entire dining setting.

  • Step 1 : Style Selection

    Start with selecting the shape and style you prefer. Explore the designs, see if you prefer curved or straight lines, sharp or soft egdes. Once you've found your favorite, you're prepared for the next step.

  • Step 2 : Measurements & Size

    Once you've found a design you love, its time to make sure it fits your home. While not all items are displayed online, you can find specifications in the details section. If you're unsure, just shoot an email.

  • Step 3 : Material & Approval

    Finally, its time for colors & surfaces. Once you're sure that you've chosen colors that match the walls & floor, we will share a design based on your brief for the final approval.