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Caring and Cleaning of Bone Inlay Furnitures

People who are familiar with The Bone inlay furniture already know that there is no other piece of furniture precious than this piece of furniture. This furniture is elegant, ​​attractive and so stylish that everyone is always like to them.

The artistic character and elegance of these units is almost always special and far exceeds your simple pieces of furniture. Unfortunately, people are not familiar with such luxury furniture and are not familiar with the care and cleaning advice that comes with it.

Bone Inlay Furniture TV Cabinet / Media Unit

Proper care and cleaning will lead to a lasting age and maintain its strength and splendor or decades. Here are some of the best care methods for beautiful furniture:

  1. First, You should not use standard cleaners on it because they are rough enough to use this fragile art. Never paint these with average paint; they have specific paints on the market.
  2. The second caring tip can amaze you. Always make sure your furniture unit is somewhere where you can be exposed to proper sunlight. Unlike other furniture that does not respond well to sunlight, the bones become lighter over time in the right way.

This is a complete and simple way to prevent natural pigmentation.


Now, to care for your bone inlay properly you're going to need a couple specialty items. For the actual cleaning you'll likely have to do, it's recommended that

  • Firstly, you pick up some spirit soap. If your furniture has any especially delicate work on it, you'll need to get some white spirit as well. A 1:20 ratio of spirit soap to white spirit is what you're going to need to use on the delicate portions of the work.
  • Secondly, you'll want to pick up some colorless beeswax. This has been found to be the best thing to use when it comes time to polish your bone inlay.

Now there is always a condition that you bought a special old piece that is lacquered and has a heavy yellow cover on some parts.

Note: If you want a more consistent look, there are some amazing tricks you can use to help remove blemishes and alleviate nasty yellowing.

  1. The first step is to apply the citric acid solution to the stains. This will do the trick. If that doesn’t work, you also need to get half the amount of hydrogen peroxide and half of the water.
  2. You can always use this solution with a brush if it is a large part of the unit. Sometime you have to cheat on a piece of furniture in this solution for a few minutes. You must wait until this unit has finished drying for the treatment to achieve a better effect. You can then easily clean and polish it.

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